Cabin WACO

Cabin WACO

1932 WACO owned and flown by Jack Hill.  This is a classic of all classic aircraft.  Great look, great sound and great story told by Hill, a retired airline pilot.

Great Aircraft on Grass Fields:

Some of the most beautiful antique civilian and military aircraft flying today are featured in this program.  The aircraft are recorded on several lush grass fields, taped during the airshows in Geneseo and Rhinebeck, New York.  Additional footage from other fields is also included.  Nothing is more exciting to see than the WW II bombers featured at Geneseo and the great old airplanes of Rhinebeck Aerodrome. One of a kind interviews, such as a P-51 WW II pilot, antique aircraft owners, and aerobatic pilots explaining their skills and craft are also featured in the program.  Interviews are cut to aircraft in flight.  Check the amazing Rhinebeck Aerodrome: Also, visit the group that features the yearly Geneseo Air Show, the 1941 Historical Aircraft Museum at:

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