Riding the Stearman


Riding the Stearman

This documentary is a report on what it is like to fly and own a Stearman biplane.  The 2000 documentary features the oldest Stearman flying at that time.  It also features Allen Lopez, Stearman pilot, who flew his Stearman airplane to every state in the USA, except Hawaii, and every Providence of Canada.  His story is featured in his book Biplane Odyssey.  

Finally, this documentary features several segments from WW II Stearman training films produced by the US Army in 1945.  If you fly a Stearman, you should be sure to watch these segments.  Others will enjoy the old films for their historic importance.

This program also presents many great air to air shots and a segment on what it is like to land a Stearman, known for its narrow landing gear demanding full attention by the pilot.  A front mounted camera recorded the Stearman from the pilot’s point-of-view, from take-off to landing at the 2000 Stearman Fly-in held in Galesburg, Illinois.

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