Welland Canal: Part 2



Part 2

Segment 15

With the new season, “Butterflies!”

Segment 16: 1:07

Welland Pilots work with crews from around the world.

Segment 17: 6:06

The challenge of communicating orders with international crews

Segment 18: 9:45

Shift work on the Welland Canal.

Segment 19: 10:52

Welland Pilots build trust with international captains.

Segment 20: 12:50

Length of season working on the Welland Canal

Segment 21: 13:48

Engine and size of ships

Segment 22: 14:55

Technology reduced crew sizes.

Segment 23: 19:57

Video of canal without commentary: Part One

Segment 24: 25:36

Tunnels under Welland Canal


Segment 25: 26:32

Without commentary: Part Two

Segment 26: 33:25

Without commentary: Part Three

Segment 27: 43:19

Without commentary: Part Four

Segment 28: 49:28

Without commentary: Part Five

Segment 29: 57:05

Do Welland Canal Captains own pleasure boats?



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